Childhood Keepsakes

Last week's topic on children's clothes got me thinking about all of those things we save for our kids. Some stuff they might care less about one day but we hold on tight to them now. As an organizer I have seen a few interesting items kept from birth. I'll spare you form the details here!
I have a small box for each of my children that I will put things into. I kept their first pair of shoes, the blanket from the hospital and a few other keepsakes along the way. The box more or less serves as a landing place and I weed through it once every other year or so to just revisit the idea of holding onto that item. Sometimes we think the idea is great but as time goes by we realize some of this stuff doesn't really hold much of a significance. First pacifier? I think I'll let that one go.

My great grandmother crocheted a few blankets for me before I was born. My mother tucked them neatly into the cedar chest and they hardly ever saw the light of day. Now that my daughter plays with dolls I passed these blankets on to her to enjoy. I just never understood keeping something that you cared for out of sight and not in use.  So what, they might get messed up but at least they were loved.

What is the most interesting thing you have seen someone keep? Have you received mementos from your childhood and wondered why your parents chose to hold on to certain things? What are you holding onto for your children?

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