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It has been an exciting birthday month at Mabel’s Labels as they celebrate 15 years of making moms lives so much simpler, and in our home as my twins turned 6…such big boys now! As I planned the twins birthday party I was so excited to have such useful party gifts from Mabel’s and I thought it would be fun to share a few fun party tips and ideas with you for your next birthday bash!

  • Pick a theme. It is nice to find a theme to guide you on food, cake, decorations, and goodie bags. You can them think about foods or food designs that fit into that theme. For example, for the twins 1st birthday we had the theme of “Two Little Speckled Frogs” as they loved that song at the time and I made these “froggy watermelons”.
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  • Another year we had Bubble Guppies theme and I chose to fill the house with a bubble and beach theme. This year the theme was Dinosaurs. It also works to have a combo theme. For example, Unicorns and Princesses!
  • Pick a location. Perhaps your theme will help you pick your location or your location will help you narrow down your theme! A home party is always an option but can get overwhelming. If you would prefer to be out of your home, consider places in your town that your children enjoy such as a Children’s Museum, Aquarium, Zoo, Little Gym, movie theatre, bowling, mini golf, trampoline park, water park, skating rink, library, or for a cost-free option…a local playground!
  • Start with a craft. As children arrive it is great to have a colouring activity or craft that they can work on. This helps them feel welcome to the party, allows for their parents to leave a little easier, and allows you as the party host to be free to welcome new guests knowing your current guests are safe and settled in.
  • Plan the food. There are a few things to consider when planning food:
  1. Find out ahead of time if any children attending have allergies so you can plan accordingly.
  2. Kick things off with a rainbow of nourishment. Offer healthy food such as fruit and veggie platters when guests arrive. This will allow for them to fill up on nourishing foods before the activities start.
  3. Consider a “make our own” meal. Make your own mini pizzas or wraps are fun for children and more nourishing than some more traditional party food.
  4. Leave enough time for food. Children can get chatty at parties and may take a little longer to eat than usual. Allow time for this.
  5. Let them eat cake! Enjoying less heathy food is a part of life. Allowing for a cupcake or piece of cake at a party is an enjoyable experience that can be embraced and celebrated after more nourishing food is enjoyed. But what about the sugar??? Although sugar intake hasn’t been proven to lead to poor behaviour in children, most parents will report hyper outburst and meltdowns quite often follow birthday gatherings. It could be the sugar spike or the food dye in icing or the over stimulation or the lack of true nourishment before the sugar. Offering all the healthier options helps to limit the exposure to sugar and colour and also gives some downtime as they eat it.
  • Presents. You may want to consider asking for toy donations to a local children’s hospital in lieu of gifts for your child. If you like this idea but still want your child to open gifts then they could open all the items given and then take them to the local hospital to donate them. This offers them the joy and excitement of receiving, opening, and giving.
  • Be in the moment. Last but not least, remember that this is YOUR child’s special day and what they want most is to have you with them. Parties can be busy and time-consuming! Consider planning for the party to be a week before or after your child’s actual birthday to free your time and attention on their actual birthday. Then at the party, know that you have done your best to plan but things may go wrong or not as planned and that is okay…be there with your little one and enjoy how it all unfolds!

I'm so excited that Mabel's Labels is offering the chance for one lucky reader to win a birthday prize pack containing a set of their new Loot Bag & Decorative Stickers, as well as their Birthday Party Label Packs. For your chance to win, please comment below with your favourite party tip! Contest closes at 11:59pm on March 31, 2018!


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Noelle is a mom of 5 year old twin boys and a 3 year old son. She is also a Registered Dietitian with a passion for fitness and nutrition. Almost three years ago she started her own blog and Instagram feed to give moms ideas of ways to make healthy choices for themselves and their little ones and she is so excited to now join the Mabel’s Labels blogger team.

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