Best Fall Crafts

Hands up if you love fall crafts?

Hands up if you hate fall crafts?

Crafting is one of those things that seems like a good idea at the time. Then the next thing you know you’re alone at the dining room table, elbows deep in glitter having been abandoned by the children who decided they would rather watch television.

As a recovering Pinterest addict I totally get it. I can’t let my love of crafting go (nor my belief that one day I will make something that’s not hideous), but I also can’t spend hours shopping for supplies or making projects that are, let’s face it, well beyond my skill set.

Now that I’m in recovery, I have only two rules for successful crafting: keep it simple and absolutely no glitter.

With that in mind, here are some of my favourite cute and easy projects.




 Marbled pumpkins

 Nail polish pumpkins.png

 All you need for these colourful little beauties are mini pumpkins (try to find ones with a stem as they’re easier to dip), nail polish (click on the link below for brand recommendation), a tub of room temperature water, Q-tips and toothpicks. Click below for a full tutorial but trust us, it’s easy!

Courtesy of Color Made Happy

Door wreaths

This is one of my favourite seasonal crafts because there’s no limit to how creative you can get AND because so many of the decorative elements can found at the Dollar Store including ribbon, felt, fake leaves, birds and other creatures, pom poms and more. Just pick your wreath (wood / wicker works better than foam or wire), plug in your glue gun, affix your decorations and away you go.

Pinecone hangar

No time or energy to craft a full wreath? Opt for pinecone hangars instead. Just grab some bright, beautiful ribbon in your favourite fall colours, tie or affix to the end of your pinecones, gather them together in a bow at the top and hang your creation from your front door. If you’re feeling ambitious die the pinecones or paint the tips for extra colour before hanging.

Painted leaf garland

 Leaf garland.png

The brittle leaves require a soft touch that might be beyond little kids, but with help from mom this project can result in some adorable fall décor to dress up any mantle or gas fireplace. Find your leaves, carefully paint or decorate them (remember: no glitter!) then attach to a string and hang.

Courtesy of Country Living

Owl pinecones

 owl pinecones.png

My favourite crafts always involve googly eyes because they can give any object personality, and kids love them. So grab some pinecones from around the neighborhood and get crafting! The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating these little cuties (who also make great place markers for family dinners).

 Courtesy of Meaningful Mama




Mason jar ghosts

 Ghost mason jar.jpg

These look great on a windowsill and couldn’t be easier to make. For this spooky addition to your holiday décor all you need are mason jars, gauze, googly eyes, glue and tea lights or flameless candles. Or skip the gauze, paint the jars white, add the eyes and voila!

 Photo courtesy of Gillian Balaka

Painted pumpkin or ghost rocks Painted rocks.png

Even little littles can get in on the fun with this simple craft. Scour the neighborhood for some flat rocks, pick your paint then scatter your finished product around the garden or front walk or use them as fun and festive dinner table décor.

Photo courtesy of Life as Mama

Monster mobile

A great craft for littles, this one can get a tad messy so be sure to put down a wipeable table cloth before you start. Start saving those empty toilet paper rolls then hit up Dollarama for paint, googly eyes, yarn, pipe cleaners and whatever else you need to decorate.

Candy corn footprints

 Candy corn feet.png

Cute and colourful, these make a great fall keepsake and are fun to do (as long as bath time is right after craft time!) All you need is paper and a frame (or a Dollarama white canvas), paint, googly eyes, and tiny feet!

Courtesy of Rust and Sunshine 




Witches-finger short bread

 Witches Fingers.png

Just the thought of arranging these cookies on a plate sends chills up my spine. Click the link below for the shortbread recipe and instructions on how to apply the almonds, I mean fingernails. Add green food colouring to the shortbread for an even creepier cookie.  

Courtesy of

Strawberry Ghosts

No one would dare miss out on these! They’re simple to make and (kinda) healthy. Buy your strawberries as large as possible (‘cause no one likes a tiny ghost) and keep the tops on. Dip the washed fruit in melted white chocolate or an edible vanilla coating, like Candiquik, and add mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  Easy peasy!

Courtesy of Miss Candiquik

Claw cupcakes

 claw cupcakes.png

Big kids can take the lead in baking up a batch of their favourite flavor of cupcakes before covering them in white icing. The real fun begins when they grab a thin tube of glossy red icing to create spooky (and delicious!) claw marks.

Courtesy of Country Living

Bloody S’mores

What’s a creepy campfire without s’mores? Put that leftover red icing from the claw cupcakes, or the witches finger shortbread, to good use by adding a terrifying twist to a classic favourite. Assemble your s’mores as normal (click the link below for instructions) but before you put the “lid” on, be sure to add enough red icing so that it drips from the insides like oozing blood. (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!)

Sugar cookies in Halloween shapes.

 sugar cookies.png

When all else fails, grab a package of sugar cookie mix and some Halloween cut-outs and start customizing your cookies with as little or as much detail as your kids desire or can manage.

Photo courtesy of Srav’s Culinary Concepts

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