Before I was a Mom


We all know that becoming a mom is a huge, life-altering event, but it has changed me in other surprising ways, too. See if you remember any of these things from your pre-mom days:

Before I was a mom, I was extra discreet when buying feminine hygiene products, in case I ran into someone I knew. Now that I'm a mom, I don’t even flinch when a Super Plus tampon falls out of my bag and on to the conveyor belt in front of the young male airport security employee.

Before I was a mom, the sight of construction machines meant one thing: an annoying traffic slowdown. Now that I’m a mom, I’m genuinely excited when I spot excavators and dump trucks, so I can point them out to my kids and sing the Mighty Machines song.

Before I was a mom, I bought my clothes from clothing stores, in malls. Now that I’m a mom, I buy my clothes in the same place I buy my groceries.

Before I was a mom, my clothes were stain-free. Now that I’m a mom, my kids seem to view me as a giant walking Kleenex. My shirts and pants are permanently spotted with spit-up, snot, tears, blood, dirt, applesauce and Freezie drippings.

Before I was a mom, I thought my own mom was being overly emotional and melodramatic when I departed for a backpacking trip to Europe at age 19. Now that I’m a mom, I totally get it.

Before I was a mom, I’d go to the movie theatre to catch a romantic comedy or some other chick flick. Now that I’m a mom, I’m counting down the days until we can see Captain Underpants or Cars 3.

Before I was a mom, I had an organized sock drawer. Now that I’m a mom, I’m lucky if I can find two socks that are clean and free of holes, let alone matching. I’m also now the guardian of at least a dozen sock orphans.

Before I was a mom, I kept track of dates, appointments, birthdays and to-do lists clearly and efficiently. Now that I’m a mom, I walk out of the grocery store and drive all the way home without realizing that I’ve forgotten the milk that I bought and bagged myself at the U-Scan lane.

Before I was a mom, I wore yoga pants to yoga class. Now that I’m a mom, they’re simply pants, worn for everything from school pick-up to pyjamas.

Before I was a mom, I’m sure I uttered phrases like “I’m so tired,” “I’m so busy” and “I have so much to do.” Now that I’m a mom, I want to go back in time and tell myself to zip it. (And to have a nap, while the going is good.)

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Author: Kristi York

Kristi York is a freelance writer and mom of two sports-loving boys. Her work has been published by ParentsCanada, Running Room, ParticipACTION and The Costco Connection.

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