Struggling with Bed-Wetting (Plus a GoodNites Giveaway!)

Goodnites Getaway Event. Niagara Falls, Canada. June 24, 2016 (photo: Vito Amati/Ryan Emberley Photography)

I was recently invited to an event hosted by the folks from GoodNites to have a bigger conversation around bed-wetting. It’s actually a topic that really interests me because I had a kid who really struggled with this - and I mean well into puberty. No matter what strategies we tried, we’d get at least one wet bed a week.

You can imagine the frustration for the kid, too. I didn’t want him to miss out on sleepovers or summer camp fun because of this issue. I tried to remind him that it’s actually pretty common, but that didn’t put his mind at ease. He mostly just got upset because his much younger siblings had dry nights from the very start. The issue finally did resolve itself, but I mean FINALLY. It took a long time, but then virtually happened over night.

Some of the things I learned in the discussions with other parents was:

  • There is a huge genetic component. If mom and dad wet the bed, chances are their kids will
  • It's more common in boys than girls
  • There is a shift in language – bed-wetting is now more commonly referred to as “night-time wetting”. There are negative connotations with the former term.
  • It's important to be supportive. While respecting your child’s privacy, be sure to make it clear that there is no need for secrecy or shame. Remind your child that bodies develop at different times and night-time wetting is NOT their fault.
  • Find support for yourself. Talk to other parents and look to some of the amazing resources out there now for parents.

I know how frustrating it can be for parents too. With six kids, I have plenty of laundry and having to add wet sheets to the mounds of dirty clothes was not on my favourite-activity list.

But, there are so many amazing products out there now to help families deal with this issue. We hooked up with our friends at GoodNites and have a give-away of some of the great products out there now.



Goodnites Getaway Event. Niagara Falls, Canada. June 24, 2016 (photo: Vito Amati/Ryan Emberley Photography)

The lovely folks over at GoodNites have put together a great prize pack for us to give away! It includes three awesome GoodNites products: Bedtime Pants, TRU-FIT Underwear & Bed Mats. Want to win? To enter, leave a comment below and tell us anything about your experience with night training. Have you got a kiddo who is struggling with this issue?  How has your family dealt with it?

Contest is open to Canadian residents only. Contest closes July 6, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Good luck!!



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