Batch Tasks Together To Save Time

One of my least favorite things to do is shop for greeting cards. Birthday, anniversary, baby showers, oh my! I try to buy them in a timely manner but always seem to put it off until the last minute. Last minute usually means that I am buying a card while I have a kid in tow.  There is nothing worse than buying a greeting card with a 4 year old! Unless of course it is for another 4 year old. Kids see the greeting card isle and their "no attention span signal" lights up and immediately the fidgeting begins. You know you have enough time to browse maybe two or three cards until you have to decide and get out of there. This is how I learned that batching tasks is better for all of us!

1. Make an intentional trip to the store without kids to stock up on meaningful greeting cards.
2. While you are at it pick up a few gifts for the birthday parties you will surely be asked to attend during the year.

And here are some other times you may want to batch tasks:

3. Schedule doctor's appointments for the same day.
4. Save errands for one day a week instead of scattered throughout.
5. Prepare snacks for the week ahead on Sunday.
6. Double up the size of a meal you make and freeze half for another night.

Any of these task will save you time and quite possibly a little sanity along the way!

What type of tasks do you batch together in order to save time?

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