Awesome Appetizer Nights


During the Fall and Winter months, we tend to have A LOT more of what we like to call… ‘Appetizer Nights’. It’s exactly what it sounds like – we eat appetizers for dinner! Let’s be honest here, kids love finger foods and so do adults! So ‘Appetizer Night’ has quickly become a regular occurrence on Sunday nights in our house. (And trust me, I’m not complaining!)

I guess it all started for us because we’re pretty big football fans! (Go Seahawks! And Bills. And Broncos. And Cardinals. Yes, we all cheer for different teams.) Come Sunday afternoon, there’s a good chance at least ONE of our teams is playing, so we always found ourselves cooking up a bunch of finger foods so it’s easier to watch the game while we eat! Picture a mini-superbowl party every Sunday night. After we did it a couple of times, the boys kept asking for “those little things we had last week” or “can we dip chips again?” or “more wings please!” so it kind of turned into an almost weekly event. (This year, I can almost guarantee it will be weekly!)

What I love about these nights, is the pure ease of it all. Most appetizers don’t take too much prep work so it makes for a more relaxed, fun evening. Even if you don’t like football, I still think Sunday night is a great choice for your weekly ‘Appetizer Night’ because it’s a really fun way to end the weekend before starting a new school/work week full of homework, sports, and meetings!

Need appetizer ideas to get started? I got ‘em! Some delicious appetizers that get two thumbs up in our house include;

Potato Skins – we buy the frozen ones from Costco, but you can make your own pretty easily at home.

Wings – our guys LOVE wings! Preferably the breaded ones.

Taco Dip – I make a pretty mean taco dip and they love dipping…and you know, eating chips for dinner!

Bagel Bites – The boys are big fans of these mini pizzas on a mini-bagel!

Stuffed Mushrooms – cream cheese, bacon, onions, more cheese. Enough said.

Nachos – My favourite appetizer of all! Customize them any way you like! Beef, Chicken, Veggie!

Now, we obviously don’t make all of these appetizers for one night for just the 4 of us, but we usually pick 2 or 3 and gather around the table to stuff our faces! And one of the best parts? There’s not a whole lot of clean up and everyone is always full and happy. Could you really ask for a better way to end a weekend?

Oh, and even if our team loses – which happened quite often last season for the hubby’s Bills – at least we get to look forward to the awesome appetizers we eat while we cheer them on.

If you have some go-to appetizers in your house that are must-try’s, post ‘em in the comments below! We’re always looking for yummy ideas to add to our Sunday night rotation.

Happy Appie-ing!

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Author: Linsey De Ruysscher

Linsey is a happily married mother of two living in Plainfield, ON. When she’s not busy chasing her two crazy boys, she’s running her own freelance writing company, Little Miss Creative. In her downtime, she enjoys tea, backyard BBQs, watching Friends reruns, and hanging out with her family and friends. Oh, and candy.

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