Are You Prepared?

As the news reports keep coming in about the devastation of Haiti’s earthquake, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I lost everything.

In an earthquake you have little time to react, if any at all, but what about other natural disasters? The type of disaster that gives you a moment or two to grab something of importance. I listened to a discussion about this very topic last night at church. Obviously you would make sure people were OK and accounted for. But what about important documents, photos, identification? Some of these items can be reproduced. It might be a time consuming process but not all is lost if you can’t recover them. How about photos? What would you miss?

For me, stuff is stuff; I can’t take it with me in the end anyway. However, I know my wedding photos and baby photos of my first born would be something I would miss dearly. I don’t have copies. I think this year I will make the effort to get them scanned.

Everything else is on my laptop. Would I grab my laptop if I had a second to spare? If I had to trip over it to get out, maybe; otherwise, no. Everything is backed up on an online site so safe and secure.

Other than pictures, I can’t think of anything else I would miss terribly as long as my family was safe and sound.

Let’s discuss this in the comments...

What would you miss if you lost everything? What are some actions you could take this year to make sure you have copies or backups of important items?

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