Are you Knee Deep In Magazine Clutter?

Magazines can be a dreadful cause of clutter. They end up stashed around the house, including the bathroom! After, they often just sit there collecting dust. Gather them all up and get them organized!

If you have magazines from 2003 and haven’t looked at them since then, don't waste your space anymore. I know you tell yourself "there is one article I need in there" but if you haven't had to reference it in 7 years, you don't need it. Recycle it.

Now take a good look at what you have left. Perhaps you have magazines geared to a hobby you picked up but didn’t stick with. Know when to let these types of special interest magazines go. If you are no longer loving them, it is time to unsubscribe.

I suggest subscribing to only your favorite three magazines and keeping two months’ worth. Weed through them regularly. If there is a particular article that you want to save, tear it out then send the magazine to the recycle bin.

Store the sheets you tore out in an inspiration binder that you can flip through when you need fresh ideas. This is a great way to save decorating ideas!

What types of articles do you like to keep? Or do you just read and toss?

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