An Organized and Civilized Flight

As we start preparing our summer vacation I thought I would share a few tips on flying with kids. My oldest son took his first airplane ride when he was 3 months old and we have been taking flight once or twice a year since then. Here are some things we have done to keep things organized and civilized!

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, plus some extra time to walk your younger kids around before the flight. I like to wear them out a bit before getting on the plane.

Bring the car seats! Sometimes the plane will not be big enough to accommodate them but if you can use it, do so! Your children will feel that same rules apply to the plane as the car and be more likely to sit still and relax for the ride.If you can’t use it they will simply check the car seat at the door and give it to you after the flight.

Once you get on the pane and get settled, sit back and relax. All three of my kids would fall asleep while taking off if things were mellow. (Just look at my daughter’s face... you can’t get more mellow than that!) Once, my son started crying before take off and a man complained, before I could get the words out to tell the stewardess that he would fall asleep soon, she started handing us cookies. He was up the whole flight!

Be patient with people that are not child friendly. I have come across some interesting people on flights and you have to let it go. If your child sees that you are getting stressed they will simply feed off of that energy. Keep calm and carry on!

What are your favorite tips for flying? What is your least favorite part of flying?

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