Amp Up Your Cleaning Routine

Now that I have admitted that I don't Spring Clean I only thought it would be fair to share a few ways I get things done around here. These are two that help tremendously.

1. Get the kids involved while cleaning. I can't say this enough! I see too many people thinking they have to do it alone and that is not the case. I have everyday chores the kids do but if they want to earn an allowance I give them other tasks to do. Things that would normally fall on a Spring Clean list. Above you can see my daughter wiping down the grimy bench and chairs. She even asked to do it! She did it her way(with a flashlight even) and that is ok! I also let the kids swiffer and mop.

2. Take the extra steps now to avoid cleaning for hours later. For example, when I do laundry I tidy up the laundry room as well. I'll peek through the cabinets in there on a regular basis to keep it in order. You can take a towel ready to be washed and clean off the front of the washer and dryer and cabinet doors or shelves if need be then throw it in to wash.

Same with kitchen cabinets! We clean the counters every night after dinner you can wipe down a few cabinets each night to get that into your rotation as well.

When dusting a room I then go over baseboards and chair rails afterward. These things only take an extra minute or two but keeps things looking neat.

What are some extra things you do now to keep from doing a big clean later?

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