Ages and Stages of Organizing

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I remember the yard sale in which we got rid of the stroller. It was sitting in a corner of the garage and I told the hubby we could go ahead and get rid of it. I hadn’t used it in months and we knew we were on the last kid. It was kind of liberating getting rid of the big baby toys.

It’s funny to see such a small person have such big toys and as they grow older the stuff gets smaller, like Lego’s and Barbie shoes for instance. We are constantly changing our organizing systems to go with the life changes. The boys don’t really play with anything but Lego’s anymore and my daughter, well she is becoming her own individual creature of habit instead of following the boys.

One day the Barbie shoes and clothes will be traded in with big girl clothes and shoes, makeup, and real jewelry rather than plastic beads. The boys might trade in the Lego’s for other boy stuff… not really sure what that is yet. I wasn't a boy so I have no idea. I have a feeling whatever it is could possibly be gross, crawl and/or stink in which I will start closing their bedroom doors but I see change coming in the near future whatever it may be.

As parents we have to be adaptable to our children’s organizing needs so the stuff doesn't run the house. These little people cause a constant ebb and flow of stuff as soon as they enter the world., some good and annoying (anyone ever stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night?)

What has been your favorite organizing stage? Was there a particular time you just seemed to “get it” and others not so much? What has been the hardest age, toy, etc. to organize?


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