A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words and Takes Up Less Space

I don't know how many homes I have gone into to organize only to come across a client's beloved memories packed away in a box. A favorite trophy or knick-knack that hasn't seen the light of day in years. A token from a trip taken years prior sits in a box labeled "memories" and collecting dust.

For many people there are strong emotions attached to “stuff”. It brings back a memory, a feeling, or perhaps a dream we once had. Some are considered prized possessions yet they sit there in a box untouched and unloved. We fill our lives with clutter that remind us of the past, all the while trying to make room for the future.

I'm going to share with you one of my favorite tips for dealing with sentimental clutter.

Take a picture, it will last longer.

Next time you come across a box of sentimental items, ask yourself if you can use it or display it. Do you really love it to have it displayed on your wall? Does the item work now or can you put it to good use? Otherwise these items just sit in a box and take up space.

I want to challenge you to let these items go. It is time to reclaim your space! Instead of hanging on to the physical item, take a picture and journal your thoughts. This would make a great paper journal or even a blog! Each time you revisit these pictures you can write down your thoughts. Imagine passing down pictures and thoughts instead of stuff!

What are you hanging onto and why? How would you feel about letting the item go in exchange for a photo?

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