9 Smart Storage Solutions for Small Laundry Rooms

A spacious laundry room with cabinets galore might be on your dream-home wish list, but if the reality is more in line with Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, all of the inspiration photos in the world won’t help you make room for that giant bottle of detergent. In this series, we’re hunting down smart solutions to problems in small laundry rooms, from where to hang clothes to dry to where to stow all the little things. Here are nine ways to make room for laundry supplies, even in a compact space.


1. Narrow shelving unit. A slim shelving unit in this compact laundry room keeps detergent and other supplies handy without taking up much floor space. Wall-mounted drying racks expand to provide space for air-drying clothes, and fold down between uses.


2. Rolling storage cart. Stow supplies on a movable cart that you can roll right where it’s needed and wheel away when not in use. Multiple tiers keep items organized, with frequently used supplies (like detergent) on the top level and specialty items (like stain remover and a mending kit) on lower levels.



3. A simple basket. If your laundry setup is in view of another room in the house, finding a way to keep supplies hidden (but still accessible) can be a challenge, especially when storage space is limited. Keep things simple by paring down your collection to just the basics (a favorite detergent and stain remover), and stash these items out of sight in a deep basket.



4. Built-in supply drawer. Tucked between the washer and dryer, this slim pullout drawer keeps detergent pods and other supplies within reach yet hidden. A drawer like this isn’t large enough to accommodate full-size detergent bottles; to make it work, consider downsizing to a super-concentrated detergent in a smaller bottle, or use detergent pods.



5. Ceiling-height cupboard. Above the door frame is often wasted space — but that’s not the case in this home, where a long cabinet with sliding doors makes use of every last inch. A high cabinet like this is not meant for storing everyday supplies, but it does make a smart solution for stashing a stockpile of extras. Keep a slim folding stepladder alongside the washer to make accessing the upper cabinet easier.



6. Wall-mounted organizer. Keep spray bottles, stain sticks, socks missing mates and other small items within grabbing distance on a set of wall-mounted rods and hooks like the ones shown here. Simple S-hooks can be attached directly to cleaning brush handles or can hold mini buckets, which can keep little bits and pieces neat.



7. Back-of-door storage. A set of over-the-door wire shelves keeps laundry supplies close at hand, even when there’s not a counter in sight. If you already have space for the detergent but need room to stash smaller items, you could also use an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep things neat — just be sure to choose a clear version, so you can see what’s inside each compartment at a glance.


8. Pullout shelf in a corner cabinet. An awkwardly placed corner cabinet becomes mighty useful with the addition of a two-tiered pullout shelf. Instead of toppling over bottles each time you reach in, simply pull out the shelves and get what you need — even if it’s all the way at the back.



9. Floating-shelf trick. Think you don’t have room for shelves? You just might if you use this clever floating-shelf trick. By attaching shelves to the side wall, you can create narrow (but deep) shelves in even a slender gap, where other shelving just won’t go. Use baskets to organize and contain smaller items and prevent toppling.

Tell us: How have you found room to store supplies in a compact laundry room? Share a photo in the Comments!


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