9 Signs You Need a Sleep Consultant


Is your baby up all day? Up all night? Is “napping” a word that left your vocabulary ages ago? Is “sleeping through the night” just a phrase you think someone made up to drive new parents crazy? Here are nine signs you need a little help with your little one’s sleep habits!

  1. Your definition of “sleeping in” is anything past 5 a.m.


  1. If Replace-the-Pacifier were an Olympic sport, you'd have the gold medal.


  1. The last time you got a full night’s sleep was…. Bahahahaha! You can't remember. 


  1. Colourful sticky notes litter the floors of your house, warning guests of the squeaky areas to avoid for fear of waking that baby.


  1. Yesterday’s nap lasted 33 minutes instead of the usual 30, and your Facebook posts for the rest of the day ended in #winning!!!


  1. The exercise ball you previously used as a fitness tool is now a baby sleep-aid.


  1. You have spent more money on gasoline driving your baby around trying to get him to sleep than you spent on your first car.


  1. The barista at Starbucks knows your name, your baby’s name, exactly how many espresso shots you need based on the shade of purple under your eyes, the make of your stroller and the quietest corner of the store for you to sit in to avoid waking your baby.


  1. Before your baby was born, you bought a designer crib and a hundred adorable bedtime books. After your baby was born, you bought a king-sized mattress and every baby sleep book sold on Amazon.


Can you relate? If you feel like you've read EVERY sleep article online, that you have read EVERY baby book ever published, and that your baby is simply NEVER going to sleep, what you may need instead is a professional hand guiding you along the way.


The WeeSleep Dream Team provides personalized and compassionate support to parents as they teach their baby or toddler to become an independent sleeper. Janey believes that teaching positive sleep skills will create healthier infants and toddlers, and in turn, healthier, happier parents who have a more balanced home life. For more information, visit wee-sleep.com.


Contact WeeSleep today to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation, or to book
a sleep package and get a great routine started ASAP! The WeeSleep Dream Team provides personalized and compassionate support to parents as they teach their baby or toddler to become
an independent sleeper.
We can help you achieve healthy, amazing sleep for your whole family!


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Author: Janey Reilly

In 2011, Janey founded her sleep consultant business, WeeSleep™. Too many sleepless nights with her own baby led her to seek training from an internationally renowned pediatric sleep specialist so she could help other parents overcome their infant or toddler sleep challenges. Janey has since become a leader in infant and toddler sleep techniques. She also coaches her growing Dream Team of more than 25 WeeSleep certified infant and toddler sleep consultants who have helped families as far away as New Zealand.

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