9 Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

I always like to keep an ideabook of clever chalkboard paint ideas going. It’s been three years since I used the collection for a story on the best chalkboard art on Houzz, and we’re due for an update. The longer a product like chalkboard paint is around, the more creative uses people find for it. Here are some of the cleverest uses I’ve seen around Houzz lately.

1. Fake architectural features. In this lounge, artist Rajiv Surendra added faux traditional millwork to the contemporary space by rendering moldings on the walls and ceiling with chalk.

Kips Bay 2016

 2. ID the cheese. This is such a clever way to lay out cheese and wine for a tasting. Just be sure to give your table a good wipe-down and do your writing before you set out the food — you don’t want chalk dust on the burrata.

Chalkboard Table DIY Project

3. Inspire genius. Perhaps through some sort of magical osmosis, sleeping underneath this board could help create the next Einstein.

Family Home on a Drive to the Heath

4. Map the world. Large vintage school maps have been very popular in home decor for the past decade. This chalk rendering in charcoal and white is a modern update on the trend.

Industrial Condo Loft

5. Make “wallpaper.” Adding wallpaper can be an intense commitment. If you’re having trouble settling on one, try something more temporary. You can create a graphic pattern by using text — choose a favorite passage from a book, print the same quote over and over, or just a use a straight-up alphabet. The best news is, if you tire of it, you can always change it.


6. Label wine. This is such a clever move — the patch of chalkboard paint is in the shape of a giant wine label. Then the wine lovers mounted the bottles to the left side and labeled them in chalk on the right. Cheers to this tasting room!

Classic Suite, Secret Ridge

7. Compose. Adding musical staffs to a chalkboard wall leaves one free to write music right on the wall. And don’t worry about the tediousness of drawing on those straight lines over and over — you can buy a staff chalk holder, or staff liner, that lets you add a full staff in one fell swoop. For something more permanent, consider adhering staff decals to the chalkboard.

Teen Room That Really Rocks

8. Plan menus. In this professional chef’s home kitchen, menu planning is of the utmost importance. Seeing the menu laid out like it would be at a restaurant helps with planning courses, shopping and pairing wines. A delightful quote from Julia Child below this one is welcoming to the lucky dinner guests.


9. Be mindful. Hey, we can all use some help finding our center, remembering to take a deep breath or taking it a step further into daily affirmations territory. An aesthetically pleasing reminder on a chalkboard can even enhance the home decor.

Burlingame Contemporary Craftsman


Have you used chalkboard paint at home? Please let us know how in the Comments section. We’d love to see a photo if you have one too.


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