11 Snack Foods From the 80s & 90s I Remember With Fondness

When I think about my youth, one of my happiest memories is of the snack foods I used to eat. The ridiculously processed, filled with sugar and (what I now consider) kind of disgusting snack foods. Back then, a lot of us kids ate this way. And it was glorious.

Today, our children - mine included - snack on organic plants and intact grains and seeds. In the 80s and 90s? Give me a piece of chocolate cake stuffed with marshmallow and covered in chocolate as a part of my healthy lunch. Many of the snacks I remember so fondly are still available today - further proving their awesomeness.

Here are just some of the foods I snacked on in my childhood that simultaneously bring back good memories and make the Mom in me shudder:

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Ah… Caramel. This wasn’t one of my top faves – but the product name is just so good. You can’t say it without kind of closing your eyes and letting out a happy sigh as you whisper “Ahhhh… caramel.”

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Passion Flakie. This one was hotly debated around my house. My parents would rarely let us buy these. Why? I have no clue, because everything else was fair game. The flakie – apparently that just went too far. But I managed to trade a few Wagon Wheels in my day for this one. Delicious.

jos-louis via tmlforum.net
via tmlforum.net

Joe Louis. Oh, sweet, sweet Joe Louis. This was the constant in my childhood home. My brother and I loved everything about it. The best part about lunch was opening up our brown paper bags and excitedly checking to make sure the Joe Louis hadn’t been crushed in its packaging by the accursed apple.

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Half Moon. I’m not going to lie, I spent most of my Canadian youth thinking the full name of this was actually the Half Lune Moon.

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Sunkist Fun Fruits. I can just picture the marketing whiz behind this one. "Let’s put 'fun' in the name so kids want to eat them and use the term 'fruit' loosely so parents buy them!"

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Fruit Roll Ups. Another one my Mom wasn’t a big fan of. I’ve seen recipes for making your own natural ones. I’m going to guess they will never stand up to the original.

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Crystal Pepsi. So this is technically not so much of a snack, but do we all remember how our minds were blown when we started drinking CLEAR Pepsi??

teddy grahams via americansweets.co.uk
via americansweets.co.uk

Teddy Grahams. These were okay-tasting. But I think the remake of Elvis Presley’s song for the commercial was perhaps the best thing about them.

fun dip
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Fun Dip. This is literally just a bag of sugar with a stick of sugar you lick to help you get more out of the bag. Amazing.

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Candy Cigarettes. What was better than walking around at recess with a pretend cigarette hanging out of your mouth? Eating it afterwards, of course!

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Cookie Crisp Cereal. A bowl full of cookies for breakfast. A. Bowl. Full. Of Cookies. For. Breakfast!!! Enough said.

What were some of your favourites?


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