5 of the Best Kids YouTube Channels from 2016

Kids and YouTube seem to go hand-in-hand. You can try and fight it – but there’s no denying that kids love it. And, after doing some looking around, we discovered that it’s not all weird videos or content you don’t want your kids seeing. Some of it is really, really great! Here’s a list of our favourite educational, fun, silly and completely family-friendly YouTube Channels from the past year.


1. The River and Wilder Show

This one is a newly launched show – and growing fast. It features a family of 5 (Mom, Dad, and 3 little boys) going on adventures, experiencing wildlife, learning about how things work, discovering where things come from – and a whole lot more. Our kids love all the places they go and the fact that it’s narrated by a 6-year old. You’ll love that there’s an educational component to it that’s fun for kids.

Great for: Kids aged 2 and up



2. Mother Goose Club

Mother Good Club seems to be a toddler obsession. They LOVE this channel because of the endless nursery rhymes, songs and skits. As parents, you’ll love that they teach little ones letters and numbers, among other things. And your kids will love weirdly cute songs like Rockin’ Robot and Dinosaur Stomp.

Great for: Toddlers & preschoolers



3. Simple Kids Crafts

The name kind of says it all! This channel features loads of easy craft ideas. While a lot of the crafts involve dolls, everyone can find something to love from this show. You’ll love that most crafts are quick and only use easy-to-find materials (think: egg cartons, cardboard, string, pipe cleaners and more). And your kids will love the end result! It’s also a nice way for the ‘uncrafty’ among us to get inspiration and step-by-step help.

Great for: Everyone!



4. Minute Physics

If you’ve got a budding little scientist in your house, they’ll love this. It’s best for grade-school kids, but the videos use simple graphics even little kids love. The short videos keep kids interested, while also teaching them about science. Perfect!

Great for: School-aged kids



5. Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino, the gal behind Nerdy Nummies, is a YouTube personality who makes baked goods in the shape of fantasy, sci-fi, comic book, anime, and video game characters. She’s fun, sweet and likeable – and she’s teaching kids about cooking, baking and DIY. The fun characters are appealing to kids and her personality and awesome creations are great for parents, too!

Great for: Everyone!

What other shows are your kids watching that you love? Share with us!

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