4 Ways to Beat the February Blahs

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It’s a good thing February is a short month, because it has absolutely no fans! Other than the chocolate love fest that sits in the middle of it, it’s a month of mediocre to awful weather, not enough daylight and a loss of drive for New Year’s resolutions. Here are some tips to keep a lift in your step:

1. Get as much daylight as possible, starting as early as possible. Open the blinds and turn on the lights the second you get up and leave them on until it truly gets dark outside. The days are getting longer and you want your brain to notice. Consider buying a lightbox or even some “daylight” bright lightbulbs to enhance the blue light in your space.

2. Eat even more fruits and vegetables. Canned goods are affordable this time of year and are just as nourishing, sometimes even more so. Canned peaches, for instance, are actually enhanced by the canning process. Vitamin A, folate, lycopene and some antioxidants are made more bio-available by the heating and canning process. There is even research indicating that the process actually enhances the eye-protecting nutrients of lutein and zeaxanthin. But most impressive? A serving of California cling peaches provides 24% of a day’s worth of Vitamin E!

3. Do 5 minutes of cardio the minute you get out of bed. Getting your metabolism revved up is even more critical in the morning when you are feeling sluggish as it keeps the fire burning.

4. Take Vitamin D. The liver stores Vitamin D from the sun for as long as it can, but it does run out eventually. Vitamin D has been proven to support the immune system and fight all sorts of age-related diseases.

If all else fails, find yourself somewhere south of Atlanta for a week and go outside for a 30 minute walk in the morning and in the evening. This will feed two birds with one crumb: Vitamin D and exercise. Have a huge salad or green juice for lunch every day and eat a peach in the afternoons. A week like that will restore any soul!


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Author: Theresa Albert

Theresa Albert is an on-camera food and health expert, nutritionist and writer who loves to spread the word on food. She is a Food Communications Specialist and Toronto Personal Nutritionist. Tweet with her at @theresaalbert & find her daily at www.theresaalbert.com

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