4 Tips For Maximizing Small Spaces

We are in the final packing stages before we take off to our new house. The packing tends to get a little overwhelming, especially when we are downsizing. I see the boxes piling up and I wonder "where will all of this stuff go?"

As I pack I imagine the house and how we can utilize the space for optimum functionality. There are a few spaces that are often under-utilized in the average home and here are a few:

1. Wall Space. When organizing you really have tons of options with your walls. You can create a command center in the kitchen without taking up any counter space. If you have a small office utilize a wall file for holding your action items instead of piling them in an inbox.

2. Back of Doors. I can't tell you how many items can be stored on the back of doors in hanging shoes organizers. This is truly one of my favorite organizing products. In the winter store hats and gloves, then switch out for sunglasses, sunscreen and bubbles for the summer. This will work in the bathroom for hair products and accessories and in the kitchen for spices!

3. Under The Bed. Under bed storage boxes are great for storing winter clothes or out of season decorations. Some couches are high enough for a shallow box as well. Our couch just seems to collect toys underneath!

4. Add Shelving.  I go into a lot of houses where the closets are not used efficiently. Adding another shelf to the top of your closet might just give you that bit of extra storage you are looking for. It isn't easily accessible but things you don't use often can be moved up higher to free up the accessible space.

Feel free to share some of your small space secrets as well!

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