4 Simple Tips For Organizing That Mess Under The Bathroom Sink

Last week, Carrie wrote in and said… Tanna, one thing that is not 'just so' in my house is the cabinets under the bathroom sinks.  Any tips??

Carrie was so brave to share her under sink mess, but really I think this is a common look for these types of spaces, especially if you don't have a lot of drawer or shelf space in the bathroom.  Here are 4 simple steps for organizing under the sink:

1.First thing first, take everything out! Sort it all. Then make sure you are only keeping what you need. Odd color lipstick you haven't worn in a year? Toss it!

2. Remember to use vertical space! The inside of cabinet doors = prime storage real estate. You can store the hair dryer in something like this or this.

3. I am a huge fan of shoe box size containers but not for under the sink! Lids can be a pain and a waste of time.  Try a 3 or 5 drawer storage unit with drawers that pull all the way out. You can have the drawer out on the counter when it is in use and put it back when you are done. You can then store your makeup bag or other necessities on top without having to constantly shuffle things around.

4. Don't forget to label the front of your drawers so you know what's inside. Mabel's Labels Bin Labels would come in handy!

What kind of messes drive you crazy under the sink?

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