4 Creative Back-to-School Organization Ideas

Keeping a house organized and clutter-free during back-to-school time can feel like a daunting task. Between the rushed schedules, mass feedings and all the coming and going, it's easy for the stuff to pile up and the stress to pile on.

By incorporating a few simple organizing systems in your home you can really limit the mess and encourage tidy habits among all your family members. We've picked 4 of our favourite ideas that are not only super budget-friendly, but quick to pull together, too! Here's to a more organized and happier you!


Create a Family Drop Station

Avoid the unorganized and messy after-school pile up of bags, coats and lunches by creating a family drop station near your entryway or mud room. Assign each child a hook and cubby or shelf with their name or initial above it. Kids will enjoy being responsible for “their own” space and you’ll avoid the dreaded homework mix-ups and misplaced items during the morning rush.


Back-to-school organization
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Implement a Homework Station

Regardless of how much space or budget you have, it’s easy to create a creative homework station with seating and some storage for papers and writing supplies. Whether it’s DIY pouches hanging off the back of your dining room chairs or a small desk in the corner of a bedroom, a homework zone will not only ensure that mess is kept at bay, but will also encourage kids to sit and focus on their assignments.


Back-to-school organization ideas
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Make a Lunch Chart

You'll never forget a juice box again by creating a simple weekly lunch chart on a chalkboard or whiteboard in your kitchen. Once you've done your grocery shop, plan out what you'll be packing day-by-day. It makes the lunch assembly line a lot easier in the evenings and takes away the worry of whether you've remembered to pack everything.


Back-to-school organization calendar
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Organize Your Kids Closets

Buy some inexpensive closet organizer tags with the days of the week and put them in each child's closet. On Sunday evenings, let your kids pick out their clothes for the week with your light supervision ("No, you can't wear shorts in December") and hang each chosen outfit under its' assigned day. This simple routine is quick and easy to implement and eliminates arguments and wasted time on hectic school mornings.


Back-to-school organization for kids.
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What organizational systems do you implement to keep your family on-track during the back-to-school season? Comment and let us know!

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