20 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Healthy school lunch ideas with yumbox.

My favourite discovery at back-to-school time last September was the Yumbox lunch box. For my two kindergarten gals, eating like this is easy and fun. Their little hands don't have to struggle with any container lids and they're able to graze on a balanced meal each day.

The best part for me is that lunch-making somehow seems way less daunting. Each day I just fill up the compartments with fruits, veggies, proteins, etc. and away they go.

Whether it's the first day of school, or half-way through the year, here's a list of 20 great lunch ideas to help you pack a yummy, healthy lunch everyone will feel good about.

Yumbox with soe healthy school lunch ideas.

This lunch is one of my 6-year-old's favourites. On this day, we included:

1. Strawberries
2. Cucumber sticks
3. Jarlsberg cheese
4. Rice crackers
5. Half of a whole wheat english muffin with sunbutter and jam
6. Raisins

My other daughter loves yogurt. (My oldest won't touch it). So for her, we put together:

7. Orange pepper slices
8. Half a pear
9. Whole wheat tortilla "roll-ups" (with cream cheese)
10. Brown rice crackers
11. Plain yogurt with berries on top
12. Chocolate chips (for a treat)

A few other favourites we love to rotate around include:

13. Whole grain pretzel sticks & hummus for dipping
14. Plain greek yogurt with homemade granola (one of our faves!!)
15. Carrot sticks
16. Grapes
17. Frozen mango (it thaws out but they still love it)
18. Pinwheels (flattened, crustless bread with sunbutter and jam or cream cheese and jam rolled up and cut into little pinwheels)
19. Sugar snap peas
20. Homemade waffles (often topped with sunbutter or soy butter)

And there you have it. 20 ideas for a little variety in your lunches! What do you like to pack?


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