18 Baby Names That Will Be Popular in 2020


Choosing a name for your baby is no easy task. There is so much to consider: the flow of the name, nicknames, trends, origin, spellings and the list goes on. At Mabel’s Labels we see a lot of names whiz through our printers daily and we’re often surprised, amused and confused; but more often than not, we see a great name and swoon over it.  We know that 2020 will be no different, and we look forward to the new trends and lovely surprises we’ll see.

Here's a list of names we think are on the rise and bound to be popular in 2020. These names are the ones the stats and pop culture tell us are shooting to the top of the list. Some of the trending themes we're seeing in baby names this year include a strong royal influence, more international choices, names that hint at astronomy and the rise of short, one-syllable names.

Male Baby Names:

Archie (name of German origin, meaning "truly brave”) The newest Royal baby; Archie, will no doubt continue to be a popular choice for parents in the next year. Credit to the rise in popularity can also be given to the TV show, Riverdale.

Easton (English origin, meaning "east-facing place") A high-class sounding name with a touch of the directional names trend (North, Weston, etc.)

(Scandinavian origin, meaning "father of peace”) This name has risen in the charts over the last few years, and with all things Scandinavian being on trend, this strong name is sure to be, too.

(English, Latin origin, meaning "hollow”) This name is short and holds its own with no need for a nickname. To many Americans, it’s likely inspired by the legendary Johnny Cash.

(German origin, meaning "wealthy”) Again, a short and sweet name with no need for a nickname. Thanks to Otis Redding, this name makes us think of a smooth, classy man with a lot of soul.

Kai (Many origins including Japanese, Hawaiian and Scandinavian) Another strong single-syllable name with multi-cultural ties that's a quickly growing choice.
(English origin) Increasing in popularity due to Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. A short but strong name.

Milo (German origin, meaning "soldier or merciful) This name is gaining in popularity partially due to the Milo Ventimiglia of This Is Us TV show, and Milo and Otis.


Female Baby Names:  

Freya (Norse origin, meaning "a noble woman") Freya is the Norse Goddess of Love and Fertility, so what’s not to love about this name. It’s increasingly growing in popularity in North America.

(Irish origin, meaning "little poet or fair") Teagan, although a popular boys name in Europe, is also picking up traction as a girl’s name in North America.

(German origin, meaning "pearl") The German name Greta inspires not only climate change activists, but parents to-be, too. This will likely continue to increase in popularity in 2020 as we're sure many millennial parents will proudly name their babies after the inspiring young activist. 

(Latin origin, meaning "dawn") Aurora is the Roman goddess of sunrise, or in North America, it refers to the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, which makes this beautiful name increasing popular. Rory, is a popular short form for the name and may play into the popularity.  

Maisie- (Scottish origin, meaning "pearl") Often short for Margaret, this name stands strong independently of that. It has been a top name in the UK for many years and gained popularity in North America after Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams played Arya Stark.

(Latin origin, meaning "new") Similar to the name Luna (popular from 2019), the name Nova also has an astronomical tie and has been climbing the charts rapidly in recent months.

- (English origin, meaning "resolute protection") Likely trending due to popularity of Billie Eilish. 

Gender Neutral:  

Reese- This name was historically a boys name, but the popularity of Reese Witherspoon has led the way for it being used as a girl’s name also.

- Another name that typically been a boys name, but has been used as a female name. This name is increasingly climbing the charts for both boys and girls.

Oakley- Also originally a make name that is increasing in popularity. It’s a beautiful sounding girls name but equally impactful as a strong name for boys.  

Keeping an eye on trends is a great way of gauging what’s going to be popular, but keep in mind these change by location so always keep your community in mind. There will always be a long list of names you don’t like but focus on the names you do love and list what it is you love about them- you may open the doors to other names that bring the same joy that you may not have considered. Once you have your short list make sure to run through a checklist, you may be surprised which names suddenly need to get cut.

-Consider initials
-Consider nicknames and short forms that may happen
-Consider syllables and how the name flows with the surname and middle name
-Consider what it rhymes with (think like a grade schooler!)
-Think about the name through all stages of life. Jamie Oliver’s Buddy Bear is cute now, but will it work on an application for law school?


Ultimately, the choice is yours! Go with your gut and don’t worry too much about what friends and family think, they’ll eventually come around. And finally, our fool proof baby name test: check out how great it will look on a name label! 


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