DIY Decor: Woodsy Holiday Candle Holder


If you're anything like me, you're already thinking about your Thanksgiving table. For most people, thinking about the food on the table and people around the table is normal. For me, I always think first about the decor. I love decorating my table for Thanksgiving!

This year, I am gravitating toward more natural elements in my holiday decor: acorns, pine cones, pumpkins, natural wood and candlelight. These things make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so I wanted to add some of these elements to my holiday table. One of the ways I did that is by making a really easy taper candle holder using natural wood. Here's how I did it:

What you'll need:

  • Several pieces of thick wood stumps, ranging for 4 inches to 6 inches tall (I found mine already cut and bagged at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas decor section)
  • A drill with a bit for drilling holes
  • Taper candles
  • Jute twine

What do to:

First, decide how many pieces of wood you want in your grouping and make sure they're as tall as you need them to be. I chose three for mine.

Using your drill bit (make sure you choose one that will make a hole large enough to fit a taper candle), drill holes in the top of each of your pieces of wood. Drill about 1/2 inch to 1 inch down. Depending on the type of wood you're using, this may be a bit of a process. My wood was very hard so it took some strength for me to get my holes drilled. Enlist the help of a strong husband or you can skip this step altogether and just use tea lights placed on top of your wood pieces.



Next, place your wood pieces together in the grouping you like and, using your jute twine, wrap them up real tight several times. I wrapped the twine around my grouping probably 20 times but I had very thin twine. Tie a knot in the back and cut off the excess twine.



Bonus step: tie a small decorative charm onto the twine. I found a sweet little ceramic feather at a craft store months ago and have been looking for a way to use it.


Finally, add your taper candles and light it up! I love the way mine turned out. I like the natural elements it incorporates into my dining table decor and I love that it was relatively easy to make and very inexpensive!


You could also make a set of these to give as gifts this holiday season! Everyone loves receiving thoughtful and unique gifts that make their home just a little more beautiful.

What are your favourite ways to decorate your holiday table?

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