September is Baby Safety Month

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September has arrived! With it comes back-to-school time, shorter days, busy weekends with lots of activities and the looming thought of all the holiday planning that is to come. But September is also significant because it's Baby Safety Month. Of course keeping our little loved ones safe isn’t just a priority in the month of September, but it’s a great opportunity to bring awareness to the common dangers that parents need to consider in their own homes.


Here are a few simple tips that can help keep your home safe for an ever-exploring baby:


Irons aren’t just dangerous when they’re hot. Dangling cords can attract curious babies that love to pull on everything and can lead to head injuries. Always put the iron away when you're done using it.


Dishwashers are at ground level and give crawling babies access to hazardous soaps, as well as knives and other sharp objects. Install a locking strap on your dishwasher and monitor your little ones when you are emptying and refilling the machine. Always keep dishwasher tabs up and away in a locked cabinet. They can look like candy to little ones and they are potentially deadly if ingested.


Changing tables are equipped with buckles for a good reason. Even if your baby hasn’t rolled over yet, don’t take any chances. Buckling up isn’t just for cars — it’s essential to always buckle your little one into their high chair and changing table.


Pet Food is another danger at ground level. Small kibble can pose a serious choking hazard for babies. Water dishes can also pose a drowning danger to babies that lack the arm strength to push their head up if they fall in. Remember, babies can drown in as little as an inch of water.  Always pick up your pet's food and water, or keep it in a gated area where it's away from baby’s reach.


Recalls are most common for children’s products, because there are much more stringent safety regulations imposed on them. Many parents purchase their baby furniture and equipment long before the little ones arrive (or are given items as hand-me-downs). Double check if there's been a recall on any of your baby's furniture or gear before using it — especially if it's a used piece.

As a start, here's a list of the most recently recalled baby items from

Lorex Baby Monitors

Little Lotus Baby Swaddles

Toys 'R' Us Pacifier Clips

Safety 1st Strollers

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer


We hope this inspires you to keep your precious little ones safe and sound, this month and always!



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