13 Birthday Gifts the 13 Year Old in Me Still Wishes For

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My teen years were complex. On the one hand, I was struggling with big emotions, navigating friendships and understanding my new and strange hormones. On the other hand, I had the pure unadulterated awesomeness of doc martens, overalls and 90210 to make me happy.

You just can’t beat being 13 in the early 90s. Here are a few gifts the 13 year old in me would still love to get for my birthday:

1. My So Called Life. Angela. Ricky Vasquez. Rayanne. And – oh sweet baby – Jordan Catalano. It does not get better than Jordan Catalano.

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2. Lip Smackers in every soda flavor possible.

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3. A velour bodysuit that snaps at the crotch. Because, of course you should snap your shirt at the crotch like a onesie as a teenage girl.

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4. A choker necklace to complete the bodysuit look. The tighter and more goth-looking, the better.

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5. Jagged Little Pill on CD. Because there was nothing better than belting out these words after an angsty break-up: “And every time you speak her name, does she know how you told me you'd hold me until you died? Till you died! But you're still alive!!!”

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6. YM or Seventeen magazine. Featuring serious articles on heartthrobs like Eddie Furlong, please.

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7. A trip to the salon to get ‘The Rachel’. She may have hated it, but by gosh, we loved it.

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8. A sundress with a baby tee to go under it. Love.

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9. GAP Perfume in Heaven, Dream or Grass. Who doesn’t want to smell like grass?

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10. A Discman to play my Alanis CD. Preferably one with anti-skip technology.

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11. This black Steve Madden shoe. It went with everything. Everything.

STEVE-MADDEN via huffpost
Via huffingtonpost.com

12. A boyfriend to give Drakkar Noir to. Mmmm… So sophisticated.

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13. Butterfly hair clips. Also very sophisticated.

butterfly clips
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What would you add to the list?


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