As (Not) Seen on Property Brothers

Scattered clothes and shoes in the drawers of the dresser

First of all, let's be perfectly clear. I am grateful to own a house. And while it may not be as big as the house that I grew up in and, as a semi-detached house, some may not think that it is a "real house", it is my house and I am proud to be there. It has a roof, electricity, running water and is in a good neighbourhood.

In the grand scheme of things, I am truly blessed.

And yet, there are days when I truly despise my house.

I view the bad decisions that the former owners made - crappy fans, peel and stick floors, purple kitchen counters - as a new head lion views the pride created by the previous leader. I want to erase all evidence of the past. I see the bad decisions I made - crappy plastering, peel and stick floors, shoddy curtain rods, rush paint jobs - and I curse the time I didn't take to do it right or the arrogance I had in thinking I could do a good job in the first place. I also see the devastation wrought by time and children. The hand prints, the chipped paint, the mysterious marker stains, the scraped floor and the holes in walls.

And that's when I want to move.

It's silly. I know. And I am sure a lot of people go through it.

Who do I blame? Well beyond my own neuroses, I place the blame on TV.

Stay with me for a second....

For quite some time, when I got home, my wife and kids would be home and watching TV. As the living room is right near my front door, the first thing I would often see as I stepped inside the house was an episode of the Property Brothers.

Ah the Property Brothers. Without fail, those genetically enhanced Canadian twins who could transform any house with a computer, a sledgehammer and some stick-to-it-ive-ness into a fricking domicile of awesomeness. Every day I marvelled at what Drew and Johnathan could accomplish. I saw the before and the after and I so wanted the after.

And then I got depressed.

My wife sensed this and changed the evening viewing habits to The Gilmore Girls.


The thing about the Property Brothers is this. While what they do is amazing and the houses look spectacular, for me, it is an ideal that I can probably never reach. Here are some reasons:

  1. Photo ready reality check. Having 3 very active and young kids, my house typically looks like the "before" picture. There are bags of laundry, toys and books everywhere. Our cupboards are overloaded with plates and, as I have no garage, my basement is a bit of a nightmare.
  2. Money is an issue. While I work full time, my wife works part-time at home so she can look after the kids. While we are doing well financially, we don't have a lot of money to throw around like the people on Property Brothers. Sure I would love a skylight, to knock down walls and buy Miele appliances but it is not happening for a long time, if not ever.
  3. I'm a DIY guy. While we will save up to hire professionals to do the big stuff (bathrooms and floors for example), I like to do a lot of stuff myself. As I tend to like to spend my weekends with my family, I can't always do the stuff around the house that I want to do. This means that projects are chipped away at or planned months in advance. They will happen. Eventually.

For me, when it comes to my house, I have to be appreciative and patient. It's a good house and a place that my family and I consider a home. We like it, and as we have no plans to move anytime soon, eventually, I'll get to transform it into something resembling a vision of where I would like it to be. It may not take 30 minutes or be featured on The Life Network but it will be a place that makes me feel content.

So for now I just have to worry about whether Rory will choose Dean, Jesse or Logan.



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Author: Mark Medland

Mark Medland is a 40 something father of five who lives in Mississauga, Ontario. When he is not working at one of the big Canadian banks or raising his kids, he likes to cheer for the Habs and eat amazing food with his wife Vanessa.

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