Easy & Inexpensive DIY Curtain Rods

I have a TON of windows in my house and all of them are rather large. This is a good thing for a natural-light-loving gal like me, but not a great thing for my wallet to try to get curtains up on all of them. One of the things I hate spending money on is the curtain rod. Most of them are outrageously expensive (or the cheap ones are super ugly or flimsy) and, frankly, not really my style. For this reason I decided to try making my own curtain rods and I love the way they turned out!



At my local hardware store, I picked up a couple of 5-foot pieces of 3/4 inch PVC pipe for a couple of bucks a piece. Then I grabbed some simple coat hooks and a can of flat black spray paint. I had some leftover wood knobs from a previous project. Total cost: less than $10!




When I got home, I marked each PVC pipe with the length I wanted (I was covering two separate windows). Then using my PVC pipe cutter (a cheap tool you can grab at the hardware store) I made my cuts. Then I set all my pieces (pipes, hooks with screws, knobs) out in the backyard and sprayed all of it with the flat black paint. I may or may not have sprayed my tree black in the process. My husband has yet to notice...



Anyway, once all my pieces were dry, I put a ring of hot glue around the bottom half of each knob and shoved it in each end of the PVC pipe. I let those dry while I hung the coat hooks on each side of the windows. Then I strung my curtains on the PVC pipe and popped it on the hooks. All done!



I'm really pleased with how they turned out, but more than anything I'm thrilled about the cost!



Here's a few tips to keep in mind: if you have wider windows, I would suggest using wooden dowels or electrical conduit (you can get it cut at the hardware store) because they're a bit sturdier and won't sag in the middle under the weight of heavy curtains. For the rod end-caps you could also use cute glass or porcelain drawer knobs (screw it into a wine cork and then shove the cork into the end of the PVC), or you can use finials. The possibilities are endless!



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