Food Delivery Services: Worth it?

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Planning dinners make my nightly routine run smoothly, so I always try my best to be prepared. Between homework, after school activities, baths, reading, laundry….nighttime can be chaotic. Although prepped, my dinners can become monotonous. I needed a dinner makeover and so I took the food delivery service plunge. I received a $20 off my first order from Blue Apron, and that was my push to give it a go. I paid $39 for 3 dinners, for two people. Most services allow you to customize how many people and you can base meals on likes and dislikes. You can also choose to skip weeks which I like. This breaks up eating the same old meals while giving us a chance to explore new foods that someone else thought of- and shopped for! Everything you need comes in the box!

I anxiously awaited the delivery from Blue Apron. When it arrived, I quickly took it upstairs, opened it and took out all it’s contents. Everything was so beautifully packed in individual bags. As I got to the protein, my excitement quickly deflated. As I held the package containing two small chicken thighs, I knew this wouldn’t be enough to fill my husband. To be honest, I cancelled the next delivery before cooking the meal.

To my surprise, the first nights meal was filling and really, really delicious! It was a crispy catfish sandwich with spicy lime aioli and chopped salad. The steps were super easy to follow. I probably could’ve eaten half of it and been satisfied…but I ate the whole thing. I wanted to lick the aioli out of the salad bowl! I usually stick to a protein and vegetable for dinner, excluding all carbohydrates. I felt guilty after eating the WHOLE sandwich! My picky husband loved it as well. Maybe he was happy to finally eat bread with his dinner (hahaha).

The next meal I prepared with my 8 year old daughter, Chloe. We made spiced pork chops and mashed potatoes with kale, english peas and goat cheese. Using the 6 steps in the instructions, Chloe was able to prep on her own- which she loved! Being in the kitchen with my kids makes me so happy so having the instruction card that she could follow was just amazing. The pork chop spice blend that came with this meal gave a restaurant quality to it. It was that good. Chloe ate the kale which shocked me! She didn’t like the goat cheese so we left it off of her plate.

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The last meal was my least favorite. I saved it for another cooking night with Chloe. It was roasted chicken, mixed mushrooms with crispy rosemary- orange salad and chipotle pan sauce. This is the two chicken thigh meal! Chloe even asked for seconds…unfortunately, there weren’t any.

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After finishing the 3 meals I ordered, I can say I’m a fan. I love that mostly everything needed is included and individually bagged. I really enjoyed being in the kitchen with my 8 year old. Most of the meals use the same pans which equals less clean-up and a happier mom! What I didn’t like is that I don’t think each meal provides enough protein. I also think it can be rather costly for a family of 4.

I think this would be an amazing gift for a new mom. No need to head to the supermarket with a newborn or figure out what’s for dinner. I also think this is amazing as a mother’s day gift or an anniversary gift. It really switched the menu up in my house and got me out of the dinner rut for the week! I’m still thinking about the pork chops!

I plan on reordering. I won’t do every week, maybe twice per month at 3 times per week.

It’s definitely worth a try. While I tried Blue Apron, there are many more to choose from in the US such as Plated, Hello Fresh or Seamless.

If you're in Canada, try Chef's Plate, Dinnerlicious (awesome name!), Freshprep or The Jolly Table.


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Author: Tara Lotufo

Tara lives in New York with her husband David and children, Chloe and Max. Being a New Yorker can be difficult come winter, so Tara spends a lot of time in the kitchen with her kids, who have become her little sous chefs. They enjoy mixing and measuring, pouring and prepping, and eating! They’re her inspiration for creative meals and the reason she’s such a happy mommy. Tara blogs about food, cooking and all things delicious.

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