10 Reasons to Host a Birthday Party That Gives to Charity


A recent article shared in the Huffington Post titled, Want to be happier? Give More. Give Better, suggests that when you give to charity, your brain acts in a similar way as to when you are eating chocolate. Yes, that’s right. Chocolate. Our brain actually lights up making a link between charitable giving and pleasure.

For that reason, it’s never been easier to encourage our younger generation to celebrate and give. But here are 10 more great reasons for you and your children to forgo birthday presents at your next party.

1.  First, and foremost, the feeling from giving is unmatched by any other feeling (even when you are 4!).

2. Giving at an early age sets the stage for generous givers as they grow. How’s that for “pay-it-forward?”

3. Giving to charity doesn’t need to be packaged or wrapped.

4. Generosity is infectious.

5. Empathy loves company. Learning about others in need will inspire other to follow in your footsteps.

6. You can feel proud of yourself as a parent for guiding your child toward the needs of others in your town, city and global community.

7. You’ll become leaders in your community by giving back to your own school or local charity.

8. You’re giving your guests an opportunity to give a meaningful birthday gift (while still in their pajamas).

9. You’ll spark meaningful dialogue with your child. Turning a new age is the perfect (and fun) time to ignite a conversation that could otherwise be delicate.

10. Bragging Rights. For doing something new and cool.

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Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith launched ECHOage in 2008 to help expose their children to the needs of their community and to get them excited about giving. ECHOage continues to be the most unique and effortless way for kids of all ages to give and get bigger birthday gifts, while learning about the great feelings that come with true kindness and generosity.

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