10 Amazon Products Every Mom Will Love


You can find just about anything on Amazon these days. From toilet paper to tablets, the mega-popular e-commerce site has every item on your list and has quickly become everyone’s favourite one-stop shop. Heck, for some of us, perusing the site has started to feel like more of a hobby than a necessity.

It's no surprise that moms are some of Amazon's biggest fans. Baby waking in the middle of the night? Hop online and order teething medication at 2 AM! Toddler threw your phone across the room in a fit of rage? Order that protective case you've been meaning to buy in 15 seconds flat! 

Affordable prices, crazy convenience and super fast shipping make it a great choice for busy families, but at times, the massive selection can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we love getting first-hand recommendations from people we know, so we asked all the moms at Mabel's Labels to tell us the BEST items they've bought off Amazon.

Get your finger ready to click "Add to Cart". Here are 10 of our favourite tried-and-true Amazon products:


Children's Headphones


LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Headphones for Children

These are a must for travel with toddlers! They're super affordable, fit comfortably to any little head and have a lower maximum volume than regular headphones. They also feature a SharePort, so one device can be shared between two kids (read: less fights).



Car Essential Oil Diffuser


HOUSWEETY Car Essential Oil Diffuser Clip

If you have young kids, you're probably driving a vehicle that's littered with dropped snacks and mystery spills. This small air vent clip opens up for absorbing pads that you soak in your favourite essential oils. It keeps your car smelling amazing and fresh without the use of chemical air freshener, and you can't beat the price!



Silicone Baking Sheets




AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat

These convenient baking mats eliminate a whole bunch of prep work in the kitchen. They don't need greasing or spraying at all, they're dishwasher friendly, safe up to 480 degrees and nothing will EVER stick to them - even those cookies you accidentally burned when you got distracted playing with Lego.



White Noise Machine

61vhZqG1XIL._SL1280_Pictek White Noise Machine

White noise machines can be expensive and an eye sore, but this affordable, compact version is perfect for a nursery. It comes with 24 sound options and a continuous mode so you can leave it on for sweet sleep all night long. Bonus: It's super transportable and packs easily into a suitcase.



Diaper Subscription


AmazonPrime Diaper Subscription

This is an absolute must for new moms. Subscribe and you'll get a box of Pampers every month, delivered straight to my doorstep. You choose the brand of diapers and set your own frequency, and you always get 20% off the regular price. No more late night runs to the grocery store! This service is convenience for moms at its best.



Felt Letterboard




KC Letter Board 10 x 10 Felt Letter Board

Cute letter boards seem to be a must in every family home nowadays, and this super-inexpensive version looks just as good as the ones that cost upwards of $70.



Oven liners




Range Kleen 670 Oven Liner

Rarely do moms have time to deep clean their ovens. This liner slides in and out of the bottom of your oven for quick and easy cleaning and is a way better alternative to finicky foil liners. It gets rave reviews, it's reusable and it's only around $10!



Tub Hair-Washing Helper


Boon FLO

The genius who came up with this idea had definitely had enough of washing a screaming 3-year-old's hair (haven't we all?). This simple-but-brilliant tool clips onto the tub faucet to create a gentle waterfall that kids can lean back into to rinse their hair. It also acts as a faucet protector and can be filled to dispense bubble bath. And there's no reason why a mom couldn't use it to wash her hair after a relaxing soak, right?



BBQ Scraper



Grill Hog Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper

Maybe this one is for the dads, but for families who love to grill, this cedar BBQ scraper cleans efficiently and eliminates ALL of the risks associated with classic metal bristle brushes. It also looks way nicer than your typical BBQ tools.



Weighted Blanket

510r67ra1jL._SL1000_Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been shown to significantly reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. These ones are good quality at a much more reasonable price than most and they're a great natural solution for adults or children who suffer from anxiety or insomnia, or are simply looking for a better night's sleep. 


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