What Kind of Organizer Are You?

Tanna Clark, Complete Organizing Solutions

If you were to look into our cabinet of spices it looks half organized, half in disarray. We have a spice rack on the door with the most common used spices and the others are in the cabinet with no particular order.

See, if it were left up to me I would have all the spices in matching containers with labels all nice and neat and in order. I like the visual appeal of an orderly space. I read the labels and find it easier if they were perhaps alphabetized.

Since my husband is the cook of the family I leave this are to him to organize the way he wants. See, he knows the spices by their containers and lid colors. He can reach in and grab what he wants with little effort and while it isn’t the prettiest option this space is quite functional for him.

My husband wouldn’t like the spices all nice and neat, it would totally throw him off. While having things hidden behind others and not in order makes me take longer to find what I need.

So what kind of organizer are you? Do you like things nice and neat or a little messier yet, functional?

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