The Gift of Giving

Tanna Clark
If you are like me, you may have resolved to get fit, find balance or get organized this year. (Yes, even I have areas that still need organizing!) I forgot one resolution that I think we should all try to be better at... Giving. Last week I went to Haiti with Soles4Souls, Inc. and it was a life changing experience. We washed children’s feet, fitted them for shoes and gave them a brand new pair. It was a humbling experience and the children were so grateful. Traveling to Haiti was definitely taking a step out of my comfort zone but felt at home where we stayed. You may not be ready to take a leap like that but think about ways you can help out in your community. Whether you are donating to a food bank, reading to kids or helping clean the neighborhood every little bit helps. Don’t forget to get the kids involved as well! Open them up to new possibilities and give them a glimpse into how other people live.

What are some ways you give back in your community or other areas?

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