The BlogHer'10 Contest Judging is Now Underway!

Today we met with the fabulous judges of Mabel's Labels BlogHer'10 Contest.  Erica Ehm, Kathy Buckworth and Scott Stratten joined us for lunch at our favorite local spot for good food and a good chat! Stay tuned until April 12 when we announce the Ten Finalists who have a 1 in 10 chance at a free ride to BlogHer'10 and a 1yr paid writing gig with Mabel's Labels.

From L to R: Julie Cole, Erica Ehm, Caitlin Madden, Tricia Mumby, Scott Stratten & Kathy Buckworth

Scott Stratten is a Delicious Daddy

From L to R: Cynthia Esp, Julie Ellis, Julie Cole & Erica Ehm

From L to R: Scott Stratten, Kathy Buckworth, Julie Cole & Erica Ehm

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