Tame That Junk Drawer Once And For All!

Has your junk drawer become the abyss of the unknown? I have seen many people just barely open that drawer and throw something in real quick like something else is going to come out and bite them! Really the junk drawer doesn't have to be a scary place.

I dare you to dump it all out and start over. I mean really how long has it been since you took something out of great importance? Or are you usually just shoving things in?

Start new a new name. What do you think the "junk" drawer is going to collect? Try thinking of it as the "Go To" drawer. This is the doer to get items that you need on hand, for jotting down a quick note, holding office supplies, in the kitchen, and perhaps homework necessities for the kids.

Last but not least, compartmentalize. Only keep what you need, and give it all a home!

Now it’s your turn to come clean... what is the weirdest item hiding in your junk drawer?

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Author: Mabels Labels

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