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How to Help Your Toddler Adjust to a New Sibling

Along with the usual feelings of anticipation and joy, anxiety and worry are extremely common emotions found among parents who are expecting their second child. Parents worry that their first child is going to feel abandoned by them, displaced by the baby, or angry at having to share his/her parents’ attention and affection for the […]

Things I Told My Pregnant Self

When I was pregnant, I would constantly daydream about how I would raise my future child. I read every article about how to discipline, how to encourage healthy eating and how to foster creativity. I sat in silent judgement as I watched 2-year-olds being entertained by iPads at restaurants and having meltdowns in the mall. […]

Parents Say the Darndest Things

We know kiddos say some pretty funny things, but what about their parents? Here’s a roundup of some funny tweets we’ve seen recently!   Well, it’s happened. My four year old has discovered “Let It Go.” #parenting #momproblems — Kimberly Ito (@KimberlyIto) February 19, 2016 My mornings consist of fights over who got more cereal […]

7 Tips to Help With the Crib to Bed Transition

Every child handles change differently. For some, things that seem very small are actually huge. Other kids don’t seem to be bothered when something changes around them. So when it comes time to transition from a crib to a bed, it can be very easy – or quite a challenge. When we got my eldest son […]

Say WHAT?!

My toddler has picked up a couple of choice phrases at daycare that drive me crazy!  How do I get him to stop saying them? Whether your little ones have come home from daycare with a phrase you don’t especially like, or your older ones have been introduced to more ‘colourful’ words at school, the […]