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I Didn’t Plan on Being Just Like My Mom. But I’m Glad I Am

When I was in high school, my History teacher began each unit with a question. The day we started studying the Women’s Movement was no different. “Who has a mom that does not work outside the home?” I raised my hand, at first confidently but when I took a glance around and realized that no […]

Not on my watch Waterboy!

Last week I had to step out of the arena during one of my daughter’s hockey games to take a phone call. As I was talking on the phone, I noticed a kid had plugged the indoor water fountain and was allowing water to spill over onto the floor. He was also spraying the water […]

Mean Girls: Sexist Stereotype or Reality?

My gals live in a drama-free zone! We’ve all heard the term “mean girls.” It refers to the notion that tween and teen girls are exclusively and irrationally mean to one another. A notion so popular that it was made into a movie, which was so popular they followed it up with the sequel, Mean […]

ON CTV Newschannel, Alyson Schafer discusses why she believes fighting in front of your kids is a no-no

Alyson Schafer discusses parental conflict resolution and why fighting in front of kids can be toxic in this Mabelhood blog video post About the Author: Alyson Schafer Alyson Schafer is a psychotherapist and one of Canada’s most notable parenting experts. She is the resident expert on The Marilyn Denis Show, CTV News Channel and CBC’s […]