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Leaving Our Mark

  My husband bought me a Fitbit for Christmas. Actually, he gave it to me on Thanksgiving. Because he is apparently unable to buy me a Christmas gift without giving it to me immediately. It was a sweetly thoughtful gift, except for the fact that earlier in the day, sometime between washing out the turkey […]

A Wish For My 3 Year Old Kindergartener

When my December baby started Junior Kindergarten this year, I actually wasn’t as worried or concerned as I was when my oldest daughter started. Despite being so young, my little JKer is my easy child. She’s taken everything in stride. When we moved. When she started daycare. When her baby sister was born. She could […]

4 Reasons Why Solo Parenting Can Be Awesome

For over three years, Daddy-o has been a Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO) parent. It has not been without some challenges and now he’s transitioning back into the local office. This is good news! Although he works long hours, it means he will be home most nights. It’s something we are all looking forward to. (Kind of.) […]

6 Fun Activities for Kids Not Going to Summer Camp

When people talk about summer, camp seems to be a popular activity for kids. But what if your little ones aren’t heading to camp this summer? Here are some fun ideas for those stay at home kids! Neighborhood fun Do your kids have friends in the neighborhood? Have them take turns going to each other’s […]

Losing My Identity in Motherhood

Sometimes I sit around thinking about my girls when they’re teens. (And when I say “thinking”, I really mean “worrying” like a neurotic person). I wonder about millions of things. I wonder if they’ll like me. I wonder if they’ll think I hugged and kissed them enough as kids. I wonder if they’ll have body […]