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Hey… Where’s Rey?

Image via starwars.com If you’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you know that the main character is Rey – a young, independent scavenger who is also a great pilot with a mysterious past. Rey is also – gasp – A GIRL! And because Rey is – gasp – A GIRL, there were no Rey […]

Raising a Sidney Crosby Fan

I’m not a Sidney Crosby fan. While I cannot argue about The Kid’s natural hockey abilities, work ethic and commitment to various charities, his on-ice antics are not to my liking. He takes cheap shots after the whistle and loses his temper when things don’t go his way. Yet, in spite of these shortcomings, Crosby has […]

Indian Food & the Razzmatazz Turd

My kids made me peppermint bark yesterday. And lest you picture melted white chocolate layered over milk chocolate, and red and white striped candy canes crumbled artistically throughout, let me clarify. My kids took small chunks of candy refuse from the past two weeks, including fudge, razzmatazz flavored candy canes (because that’s a thing at […]