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7 Tips to Help With the Crib to Bed Transition

Every child handles change differently. For some, things that seem very small are actually huge. Other kids don’t seem to be bothered when something changes around them. So when it comes time to transition from a crib to a bed, it can be very easy – or quite a challenge. When we got my eldest son […]

Are You Friends With the Parents From Your Kids’ School?

Just a few school moms enjoying a quiet night out… When you’re raising school-aged children, it’s pretty easy to make friends with other parents. I’ve spent many years enjoying the friendships I’ve made simply because my kiddos made friends at school and those kids have nice parents. We have gone on holidays with these families, […]

Hey… Where’s Rey?

Image via starwars.com If you’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you know that the main character is Rey – a young, independent scavenger who is also a great pilot with a mysterious past. Rey is also – gasp – A GIRL! And because Rey is – gasp – A GIRL, there were no Rey […]