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Great Graphic Novels for 9 to 12 Year Olds

Veruca, my 10-year-old daughter, is a voracious reader. When she’s not reading and re-reading Percy Jackson, Sisters Grimm and Harry Potter, she likes to take a break and dig into the world of comic books (or graphic novels). Having gone through an amazing renaissance in the last few years, graphic novels have become a great […]

Siblings: The Love, Loyalty and Intense Fights

The whining that echoes from the couch could be used to deter animals. Honestly, it is so obnoxious sounding that I bet they could play a recording of their high-pitched demanding voices along farm fences and it would prevent any animal from ever getting close. I don’t even know what they are arguing about this […]

Your Top Sleep Questions Answered

Sleep is always a hot topic among us parents. Since we understand the struggle, we thought we’d try our best to help you out! You asked us your most pressing questions about sleep & your kids and we asked Janey Reilly, Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant at WeeSleep to answer them. Q1: My son will […]

Helping Little Ones Adjust to the Time Change

It’s finally here! The day every parent-of-an-incredibly-early-rising-baby-or-toddler dreams of! Daylight Savings Time begins on March 13, 2016! If you’re wondering why that bleary-eyed mom sitting in the cubicle next to you is throwing a mini-dance party, or the dad in the carpool lane beside you is rocking out extra hard to his commuter tunes this […]

Parents Say the Darndest Things

We know kiddos say some pretty funny things, but what about their parents? Here’s a roundup of some funny tweets we’ve seen recently!   Well, it’s happened. My four year old has discovered “Let It Go.” #parenting #momproblems — Kimberly Ito (@KimberlyIto) February 19, 2016 My mornings consist of fights over who got more cereal […]

7 Tips to Help With the Crib to Bed Transition

Every child handles change differently. For some, things that seem very small are actually huge. Other kids don’t seem to be bothered when something changes around them. So when it comes time to transition from a crib to a bed, it can be very easy – or quite a challenge. When we got my eldest son […]

Are You Friends With the Parents From Your Kids’ School?

Just a few school moms enjoying a quiet night out… When you’re raising school-aged children, it’s pretty easy to make friends with other parents. I’ve spent many years enjoying the friendships I’ve made simply because my kiddos made friends at school and those kids have nice parents. We have gone on holidays with these families, […]