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School’s Done – When Can I Throw This Crap Out?

It never fails, as the last days of the elementary school year comes to an end, so starts the plethora of paper that begins to appear in my kids’ school bags. Like the coming of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, their arrival is typically foretold in the reappearance of the classroom folders that the […]

Six Books That Nail Motherhood

As summer approaches, magazines and websites will be compiling their summer reading lists and telling you what you should read. Every list has its own slant, or bias: Best beach reads! 5 books to bring on your girls getaway! Steamy romances for your summer staycation! All with exclamation points. If you’ve never been a big […]

For the Love of the Grill

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a fiery barbecue. The heat of the grill is what connects us to our cavemen ancestors, lovingly cooking a brontosaurus over open flames. As an experienced yet amateur barbecuer, I would like to share with you some of the pearls of wisdom that I have acquired. Before getting started, I […]

Books For Dad and the Kids Who Make Him Laugh

With Father’s Day on the horizon, many are still searching for family activities and gifts for the Dads in their lives. I recommend celebrating with children’s books that are all about Dad and his biggest fans. There are some very funny pictures books that deliver lots of great entertainment with a side of giggles. While […]