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Why I Let My Daughter Try To Eat A Rock

My parents raised me to experiment with my world, which explains why, before I turned 13, I’d colored my jeans orange, lit a rocket indoors and played The Science Game with a fork that had been heating on a burner for roughly half an hour. Result? Insta-blisters. Other result? Learning that fire makes everything … […]

To My Daughter’s Birth Mom on Mother’s Day

Dear Nora*, Every year around this time I start to wonder, are people wishing you a happy Mother’s Day? To be honest, in the two years since we adopted your daughter, I haven’t thought about you very much. I haven’t wondered where you are, if you’re okay, if you’re in touch with your other three […]

Taking my Kids Grocery Shopping, A Lesson in Diversity

I love taking my kids grocery shopping. (Said no mother-of-four ever.) I mean, where else can I hear people say to me over and over as I push my (literally) 220 lb. cart, “Gosh, you’ve got your hands full!”? The first three times I generally reply, “With good things most days!”, but by the crackers […]