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2 Weeks of School Lunch Ideas

I’m a feeder by nature. When my family eats a healthy, nutritious meal, I’m at my happiest. When my children were younger, before school began, I had meals planned out from breakfast, to snacks, to lunch, to dinner. I knew exactly what they were eating when they were home. Once school started, I struggled with […]

How to Help Your Toddler Adjust to a New Sibling

Along with the usual feelings of anticipation and joy, anxiety and worry are extremely common emotions found among parents who are expecting their second child. Parents worry that their first child is going to feel abandoned by them, displaced by the baby, or angry at having to share his/her parents’ attention and affection for the […]

How To Make Friends and Influence People (When You’re Nine)

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but my children are perfect. They never do anything wrong. They always say share, say please and thank you and they include everyone in everything all the time. They also get straight A’s and poop rainbows. Okay, fine. My kids are NOT perfect. They can be […]

A Sleep Routine Done Right

You’re a parent, and it’s 2016. These two facts almost undoubtedly and immediately imply that you have read upwards of three hundred articles, blogs, and books about babies’ sleep. And, while much of the information you’ve consumed might have been filled with frustrating contradictions, there is one rule of thumb that has probably weaved its […]