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September is Baby Safety Month

September has arrived! With it comes back-to-school time, shorter days, busy weekends with lots of activities and the looming thought of all the holiday planning that is to come. But September is also significant because it’s Baby Safety Month. Of course keeping our little loved ones safe isn’t just a priority in the month of […]

3 Ways to Prepare for the First Day of School

Starting school for the very first time. It’s an exciting, busy time. Sure, the summer’s slowed-down pace coupled with not having to pack school lunches makes July & August pure joy. But for me, after eight weeks, I welcome the opportunity to outsource six children for six hours a day. However, if your little bird […]

10 Things to do Differently this Back to School Year

If you’re like me you consider September the true start of a “new year.” Fresh beginnings and the feeling of promise and possibility make it the perfect time to press reset on bad habits and establish good ones. That’s why we’re doing things a little differently this year. By making a few changes to our […]

The Secret to Raising Kids Who Like Bedtime

At any other time of day, notions like reading, cuddling with a favourite stuffy, and snuggling with mom and dad, are likely high on your child’s list of Top 10 Most Fantastic Things to Do. But, attach any of these ideas to the dreaded “B” word, and you’ve just entered a whole other realm of […]

Helping your Teen Transition to High School

The first day of high school can be a flurry of emotions for your kids. New school. New experiences. And new freedom to gain. It’s both exciting and frightening. If you have a teen with first-day jitters at home, here are a few ways you can help them prepare for a smooth start to school. […]

2 Weeks of School Lunch Ideas

I’m a feeder by nature. When my family eats a healthy, nutritious meal, I’m at my happiest. When my children were younger, before school began, I had meals planned out from breakfast, to snacks, to lunch, to dinner. I knew exactly what they were eating when they were home. Once school started, I struggled with […]