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I Didn’t Plan on Being Just Like My Mom. But I’m Glad I Am

When I was in high school, my History teacher began each unit with a question. The day we started studying the Women’s Movement was no different. “Who has a mom that does not work outside the home?” I raised my hand, at first confidently but when I took a glance around and realized that no […]

Travel Mysteries

I have written several posts about traveling with kids and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Lately I’ve been travelling alone for some work functions and conferences. Not having to wrangle kids has given me the opportunity to notice some of the other things going on in the travel world. In short, it has […]

Bring the Noise

Google loud children and you will see site after site giving advice on how to quiet your kids. Parents asking other parents if their children are a normal level of boisterous. “She’s so calm. He’s so quiet. You’re so lucky.” I overhear comments like this so often. Time after time people congratulating parents for having […]

5 Reasons Adoption is Awesome

If you have experience with adoption you know it is amazing, difficult, heart-breaking and life-affirming – sometimes all in one day. Millions of words have been written about how difficult adoption can be. But guess what? It’s also AWESOME, and here’s why:   It’s all about the village, people. Before we adopted our two daughters […]

An Ideal Women’s Magazine

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of smack talk about women’s magazines. There’s a viral video I saw on Facebook that absolutely eviscerates the entire industry and its use of Photoshop, claiming the goal of these magazines is to keep women feeling ugly so they’ll buy more magazines and advertiser products. In her book, The […]

How to Have a Fun-Sized, Caramel Turd-Free Halloween

It’s nearly Halloween and while it’s almost guaranteed that your kids will be out trolling for goodies, the reality is that as parents, you’ll be expected to take your cut. This is why it is super important that only the best stuff lands in their bags. While we all can agree on what constitutes a […]