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Back to School on a Budget

Even though it can be the most wonderful time of the year for parents, back-to-school season is also an expensive time. Every September, I put these tips and tricks into high gear. Go through those closets. Purge the stuff you no longer need, but keep an eye out for those little gems that are hand-me-down […]

Sticks and Stones -The Power of Words

Words are powerful. My dad was an English teacher and word junkie so we were always taught to use our words carefully. The lesson has stuck with me and I have found that in raising my kids, I’m careful about not using vocabulary that I don’t like. There are certain words not in my personal […]

How To Tell Kids They’re Not Getting What They Want With Positive Discipline

I have a busy house full of my kids, their friends, neighbourhood kids, and an assorted number of random drop-ins. I’d rather not sound like the meanest mommy on the block, so I have a few key phrases that allow me to say “NO WAY” to my kids, without using those exact words. Here are […]

Say WHAT?!

My toddler has picked up a couple of choice phrases at daycare that drive me crazy!  How do I get him to stop saying them? Whether your little ones have come home from daycare with a phrase you don’t especially like, or your older ones have been introduced to more ‘colourful’ words at school, the […]