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Five Ways to Get Involved at Your Child’s School

As parents, it can be tough for us to find the time to volunteer regularly at our kids’ schools when we’re working full time or have younger kids at home, too. But there are other great ways to get involved that may take up less time! And getting involved in your kids’ school shows your kiddos that […]

Planning a Halloween Party

If there’s one holiday that’s extra fun to celebrate with your kids, it’s Halloween. The costumes, the yummy treats, the spooky decorations – the whole thing is geared to be enjoyable for the whole family, no matter what the age. And while using your own creativity in planning a Halloween party is most of the […]

The Best Thing About Summer Camps

For many, summer camps are the ultimate highlight of the year.  The new experiences. The independence. Great friends. Summer love. Even the talent shows. It all culminates into magical memories that last a lifetime. As we start getting ready for camp season, we’ve been reflecting on a few of our favourite things about summer camps: […]

Who’s With My Kids at Camp?

If you’ve ever sent your kids to camp, or want to in the future, I’m sure you’ve thought about the people who will be with them 24 hours a day. It’s a legitimate question and concern! Who are these people that will wipe away the tears, put a band aid on a cut, and laugh […]

Lessons From a Hockey Mom

Trip number bazillion to the arena last weekend. Another season is wrapping up and it appears our family has survived a winter with six kids in hockey. More importantly, the parents have survived six kids in hockey. I thought it would be worth sharing a few lessons I’ve learned in my prestigious role as a […]

Let’s Talk Turkey!

Ah, the turkey dinner. Is there anything more marvelous? We at the Mabelhood think not. And whether you’re a seasoned pro at it, or a total newbie, it never hurts to have a little help in the kitchen. Enjoy our little infographic on how to cook a turkey – and Happy Thanksgiving!   Want to […]

Last call for the Limited Edition Camp Label Pack!

The Limited Edition Camp Label Pack is only available until July 31, don’t miss out on this amazing combo! This pack includes: 10 Personalized Name Stickers 24 Mini Custom Name Stickers 8 Custom Shoe Stickers 50 Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels 2 Personalized Bag Tags

Keeping Kids and Company Happy in the North

We just had a week at the cottage and there are a whole lotta reasons why I think taking your family to a cottage is a really good thing. Mostly because it’s an affordable way to bring on a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of reality all at once. And if you […]