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Kids and Condiments

By Theresa Albert, www.myfriendinfood.com When I am faced with parents who are desperate with a truly fussy kid I advise them to help their child find their condiment.  Choosing at least one flavour that is loved makes just about everything go down a little bit easier. Of course it isn’t the perfect way but it […]

How To Make School Lunches Like A Boss

Cafeteria food hasn’t changed much since you once went to school. It’s much easier to guarantee your kids will eat all their lunch when you pack it, but what should you pack? How do you keep it from being boring? It isn’t nearly as big of an undertaking as you may think it is. Admittedly, […]

The Right Book at the Right Time

Guest blogger and book-loving mama Heather Wray talks about her favourite childhood books and how the right book at the right time can encourage children to become lifelong readers.  When my grandfather was preparing to move into a retirement residence, he gave me a small trunk which held some of his most treasured possessions: my […]