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Generational Ties

“Are the Abuelos coming?” This is a frequently asked question in our house. My kids are referring to their great-grandparents, my husband’s grandparents, and the answer is more often than not “Yes, the Abuelos are coming.” I consider my children very lucky. Not only do they have their grandparents nearby but they also have a […]

The Birth of a Superstar

In celebration of Mabel’s birthday, Julie Cole reflects on a birthday post about one of her favourite people – her very special Aunt Joan. Do you celebrate someone special in your family? 50 years ago my Aunt Joan was born. Hers has not been an average life. She arrived prematurely, possibly having an unfortunate run-in […]

Good Mother

My Mom is one of those Moms. I got out of bed the other morning at the sound of my 4-year-old trotting down the hallway. When I turned the corner to find her, I nearly bumped into my Mom. She had stayed overnight to help me with the girls while my husband had to work […]