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Meet Our New Bloggers!

A couple months ago, we put out the call to bloggers who thought they could bring a fresh perspective to The Mabelhood, and you answered! The response was overwhelming and we loved pouring over all of the amazing entries we received. We laughed, we cried and we commiserated. A big thank you to everyone who […]

How to: travel with your parents as an adult

I’m plagued with wanderlust. I have the infinite want to travel no matter what my situation – I love being on the road (or in the sky depending on the destination). As such, a couple years back I had the opportunity, last minute albeit, to take a trip to Europe. I had 2 weeks off […]

Talking to children about Autism + CONTEST

Our son, Carter, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2010. A year after his diagnosis, he was attending preschool. Naturally curious, his classmates started asking questions about his behaviours. Autism Awareness month was near, so I used their interest as an opportunity to educate about the disorder. I wrote a poem. I explained the […]

How I Learned to Let the Mom Guilt Go

My third child was born on an uncharacteristically hot day in May one year ago. Everything about her and that period of time was as sweet and amazing to me as when I experienced motherhood the first and second time. With only one great difference: I haven’t written anything down about her. With my first […]

Girls’ Trip to Disney: Classic Moments & Memories

I had the opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration recently. Packing up my whole crew to do Disney is way outta my league, so I picked my three favourite children to bring along with me.(Ok, they’re not really my favourites, but it worked with their schedules). On top of the event being […]

Warning: Showing Off May Cause Injury

I’m all about dads playing hard with the kiddos, but around here I’ve noticed that “playing with” the kids has a tendency to transform into “showing off” for the kids. Unfortunately, when the showing off starts, the risk of Daddy-o injuries increases. That famous quote from Top Gun often comes to mind: “Your ego is […]

How Disney Brings Out the Liar in Me

I was recently given an amazing opportunity from my friends at Disney Canada to attend the Disney Social Media Moms conference in Orlando. I jumped at the chance – by March, who doesn’t need to get a hit of that happy drug the Big Mouse deals out? The added bonus was that this conference is […]