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Bedtime Potty Training: Using the Toilet After Tuck-ins

The Situation I recently received an email from a distraught mother who complained that every night after tuck-in time, their 3 1/2-year-old daughter would call out, “Mooooomy, I have to go peeeeeeeee” even though she was put on the potty right before tuck-in every night. The Way I See It I suspect that this 3 […]

If You Hit, You Sit

“If you hit, you sit (out)” is a great short and snappy way of remembering and offering a logical consequence to your kids for bad behaviour, such as hitting. Even better, it meets the requisite 3 R’s of consequences: respectful, related and revealed in advance. If your find your toddler hitting, the consequence must be […]

Attention Seeking Behavior: Jumping on Furniture

Do your children just love that amazing upholstered trampoline in your living room – the one better known as a couch?  This piece of furniture is home to every toddler’s “Couch Jumping Olympics” training. This event usually involves parents barking from the sidelines: “The couch is not for jumping. Get off right now.” “You know […]

Weaning Off the Bottle

If you think it’s time to wean your toddler off of the bottle, you may need a strategy to help you. Here are a few main points to keep in mind: YOU Pick the Timing, I can’t give you the magic or perfect age to stop with bottles.  Your paediatrician or dentist will suggest you […]

Potty Training – When to Start and When to Stop

Parents want to know when to start potty training.  Here is my answer: ◾Begin “training” when your child is verbal.  Start by helping them learn the language they’ll need, like “pee,” “poo,” “bum,” “potty,” “toilet,” etc. ◾Somewhere in the middle of their second year, you can buy a potty and get some fun children’s books […]

Fear of Water

Some children fear the water. This fear is very real. But children are not born with fears. Fears are developed when a child’s healthy and natural reluctance is responded to by an over-reacting, well-intentioned parent. A child comes into this world knowing little of how it works. As they explore, they encounter things that shock […]

Runaway Kid

If your child bolts away from you at the first moment of freedom, then you have a real safety issue. Here’s how you can change this situation. Purpose of the Behaviour As always, we must start by trying to understand the child’s motivation. We ask ourselves, “Why do they do it?” To answer this, we […]